10th October 2017

Diebold Nixdorf expands managed services portfolio

Diebold Nixdorf has expanded its managed services portfolio to include new mobility management services, as well as additional enhancements to its security and compliance and "as-a-service" offerings.

A new addition to the company's managed services portfolio, Diebold Nixdorf's managed mobility services embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) to move beyond the POS device and self-service terminal to support all in-store or in-branch mobility devices, such as mobile self-scanners and peripherals, in a vendor agnostic manner.

As retailers and financial institutions move toward a mobile-enabled consumer-centric experience, Diebold Nixdorf's new managed mobility services use real-time business analytics to enable proactive decision-making and actionable insights that optimize business processes and enrich consumer experiences.

Additional enhancements to the company's managed services portfolio include global, standardised offerings that provide:
• ATM-as-a-Service.
• Data-Driven Insights.
• Security and Compliance Services.

Olaf Heyden, Diebold Nixdorf senior vice president, services, said: "These enhancements to Diebold Nixdorf's managed services portfolio solidify our position as the industry's leading provider of services-led, software-enabled solutions. Our global scale and expertise enables us to drive connected commerce and the future of consumer transactions through unparalleled services, best-in-class software and innovative technology."