13th March 2018

Financial industry players join FDC3 to provide universal technology standards

A group of finance industry players have joined an OpenFin-led initiative to bring universal connectivity and standards to all of the financial industry's desktop applications. The group, known as the Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium or FDC3, is committed to addressing the increasingly fractured software landscape of capital markets.

Members of the FDC3 include Algomi, AllianceBernstein, Barclays, BGC Partners, BNP Paribas, ChartIQ, Citadel, Cloud9, FactSet, Fidessa, GreenKey, IHS Markit, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, OpenDoor, OpenFin, OTAS Technologies, RBC, RSRCHXchange, Trumid, TP ICAP, Wellington Management Company, plus others.

FDC3 standards will enable faster decision-making, improve productivity and streamline workflow. OpenFin, the first operating system created specifically for finance, and the industry's only technology designed to be unifying and application-agnostic, has contributed the open-source code that serves as the cornerstone for this new initiative.

As part of this initiative, OpenFin is open-sourcing and making freely available its state-of-the-art desktop connectivity technology which is already being used by most of the largest banks and many buy-side and vendor firms in the space. OpenFin is also providing a central app directory, which will be freely accessible and allow applications to identify one another safely and securely.

Mazy Dar, CEO of OpenFin said: "Today, the humans sitting at desktops are the integration layer between their applications. We believe the time has come to enable financial desktops with the same app interoperability that we take for granted on our iOS and Android devices."