9th October 2019

Verisk announces its modern, cloud-based e-alerts platform for the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group(IFIG)

Verisk has unveiled its modern, cloud-based e-alerts platform for the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group(IFIG). The new platform will enable more than 300 IFIG industry users to effortlessly access IFIG’s extensive fraud database to aid insurance fraud detection, prevention, and subsequent investigations. The solution boasts rapid access to detailed fraud intelligence and will form the foundation of IFIG member collaboration when dealing with insurance fraud.
"As a central part of the industry’s efforts against ever-evolving fraud threats, we needed an innovative replacement for our e-alerts system", comments Steve Jackson, chairman, IFIG. "Verisk has delivered a solution that addresses all of our recurring pain points and provides a strong, future-proof foundation for IFIG members to continue their excellent, collaborative counter-fraud activities."
IFIG is a non-profit fraud prevention and investigation organisation that serves a large and diverse membership, including major insurers, police forces, local authorities, and other specialist groups. With the new Verisk solution, IFIG members can access a powerful database to engage in knowledge sharing and discussion using effective search, filtering, and management tools. Database monitoring and administration have also been enhanced with granular reporting and improved data cleansing capabilities.
"This new platform will enhance both user experiences and operational outcomes—and we’re already exploring how to leverage the system’s capabilities with other Verisk solutions", says Steve Paton, head of Anti-Fraud Services EU, Verisk. "We’re pleased that Verisk’s technology expertise, combined with decades of counter-fraud experience, has enabled development of this new solution to bolster IFIG members’ efforts to fight insurance fraud."
The new e-alerts platform has been developed as a robust replacement for the IFIG legacy system to connect all IFIG members for enhanced counter-fraud knowledge sharing and discussions. Its advanced user-centric design ensures effortless access to relevant fraud data based on user type and classification. Verisk will also be introducing email-based two-factor authentication(2FA) to strengthen security as part of its ongoing drive to ensure continued compliance with GDPR and National Intelligence Model guidelines.

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