13th October 2017

SunTec launches new on-demand service for banks on Microsoft Azure

SunTec has successfully validated, verified and deployed the Xelerate on-Demand Service (XoDS) on Microsoft Azure. Banks using Cloud services can now deploy Xelerate exclusively on Microsoft Azure, thus taking advantage of total cost of ownership (TCO) and application development tools. Banks can completely move infrastructure into the Azure cloud and be assured their data will be protected round the clock.

The key benefits of using Xelerate on Microsoft Azure are:
• Customer value redefined – XoDS delivers one complete view of each individual customer. XoDS can be quickly deployed and be connected with third-party technologies with very less downtime.
• IT evolves into profit centres – XoDS significantly reduces a bank’s TCO on the IT infrastructure by paying for what they use. Computing resources are measured at a granular level, allowing users to pay only for the workloads they use. This means resources can be reallocated to build new services based on customer demands.
• Powerful computing – Microsoft Azure gives banks more computing power to use compared with internal datacentres. More compute enables more scope to use emerging technologies such as Chatbots and Containers. XoDS helps banks scale up as computing needs increase and then scale down again as demands decrease.

Nanda Kumar, SunTec Founder and CEO, said: “Now every bank we work with can choose to use Microsoft Azure. The XoDS service delivered with Microsoft can be launched in just a few weeks and allows banks the chance to experiment with IT as well as test new technologies requested by their customers. The team at SunTec is delighted with the introduction of XoDS and our new partner Microsoft, world’s leading provider of cloud services. Our vision is to lead our Financial Services customers on their journey to deliver world-class customer experiences and this partnership will definitely help us in doing so.”

Rajiv Sodhi, Commercial Partner Leader, Microsoft India, said: “We are extremely happy to partner with SunTec, as they prepare to take a giant step in enabling the financial services industry to become more productive. The successful deployment of XoDS on Microsoft Azure will not only help organisations optimise processes, but also become compliant while minimising IT costs and drive growth.”