11th February 2018

Celent releases new report on Build versus Buy debate

Celent has released a new report titled "The New Build Vs. Buy Debate: Is This the Agony of the Core Insurance Package?" The report was written by Craig Beattie and Nicolas Michellod, both senior Analysts with Celent's Insurance practice.
It is still unclear whether most insurers will consider engineering their own insurance platforms going forward. However, they now have more arguments to consider this option.
With the growing demand for more open and integrable systems and the emergence of key technologies such as DevOps, APIs, and microservices, insurers see the opportunity to engineer their own insurance platform. In addition, there are opportunities to fragment the value chain and integrate Insurtech in crucial elements of their insurance suite. In this report, Celent describes what could be the future of core insurance systems under the influence of these new technologies and startups.
“With any build of software comes risk, and insurers are naturally risk-averse," says Michellod. “A low-risk build approach for an insurer would be to mix best-in-class core components for elements that are not differentiating for them, and identify capabilities where the insurer wishes to differentiate.”

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