20th March 2018

MFS becomes the first UK bridging lender to expand into Asia

Market Financial Solutions (MFS) has become the first UK bridging lender to expand into Asia, launching a new office and subsidiary company – Market Bridge Solutions (MBS) – in Singapore.

The move comes in response to growing borrower appetite in Singapore and Southeast Asia for alternative funding sources outside of traditional mainstream lenders. MFS’ expansion into Asia seeks to take advantage of region’s rapid rise as a global hub for finance, business and investment, with Singapore traditionally touted as the gateway linking the East and the West.

This is particularly true of real estate – property sales in Singapore rose in volume by 50 per cent in the first half of 2017, with the country boasting investment opportunities across the commercial and residential markets.

MBS aims to increase the number of borrowers able to access bridging loans in Singapore, offering a fast, reliable and readily accessible service. Harnessing MFS’ experience and expertise, MBS will apply the similar due diligence processes and lending models as its London-based parent company, delivering bespoke, asset-backed solutions tailored to the need of the borrower.

Paresh Raja, CEO of MFS, said: “The growth of the UK bridging market over the past decade has been remarkable, with borrowers hungry for fast loans to seize property investment opportunities. International markets have clearly taken note and for countries like Singapore, which boasts a thriving real estate sector, investor appetite is high.

"MFS’ expansion into Singapore with the launch of MBS marks our first step into the Asian market, and once we have fortified our position, we will be considering further roll-outs in the likes of Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.”