13th June 2018

"The INSURTECH Book: The Insurance Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries" published

Wiley in partnership with FINTECH Circle announced the publication of The INSURTECH Book, following the 2016 publication of best-selling title, The FINTECH Book. Startupbootcamp InsurTech is proud to that its ceo, Sabine VanderLinden, is one of the editors(of the all-female editorial team) of the book.
With no single author, group of authors, or indeed region in the world that could cover all the facets and nuances of these subjects in an exhaustive manner, contributors and authors for the book were crowdsourced from the global FinTech, InsurTech and WealthTech communities.
"The INSURTECH Book: The Insurance Technology Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and FinTech Visionaries", is a ground-breaking guide to the disruptions, innovations and opportunities that technology affords the insurance sector. Presenting the insights, current thinking and actionable strategies from 75 international topic-expert contributors, it explains why traditional ways of doing business will soon become irrelevant and offers a guide to thriving in the digital revolution.
Providing readers with the information needed to holistically connect insurance and technology, The INSURTECH Book is an invaluable source of the most current information available for entrepreneurs, innovators, insurers, investors, incumbents, analysts and consultants working in or interested in investing in this space.
VanderLinden comments “It is a great pleasure to be part of a project that is the first of its kind, offering diverse perspectives from across InsurTech. Working alongside my esteemed colleagues, I believe that due to our combined InsurTech experiences, we have created something that will stand the test of time and be a source of reference for future generations.”
Alongside The INSURTECH Book, Wiley in partnership with FINTECH Circle has also published "The WEALTHTECH Book: The FinTech Handbook for Investors, Entrepreneurs and Finance Visionaries", that provides food for thought to FinTech newbies, pioneers and well-seasoned experts alike, showing them how to work within the FinTech disruption to capture a new, more lucrative market.

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