14th September 2018

Banks must strive to be the most secure they can be, says Kaspersky Lab

David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab, comments on the cost of banking fraud for victims. He says: "While it is clear to see that some banks have safer systems that others, it is vital that all banks strive to be the most secure they can be. Scammers will use any means to take advantage and trick people into giving them access to their bank accounts.

“Banks have a responsibility to secure their systems and so it’s imperative that they regularly review all of their security procedures, checking for possible vulnerabilities. However, the rise of online banking and payments has meant that both businesses and consumers need to be consistently on guard against attempts to obtain sensitive information.”

Kaspersky Lab recommends customers follow these top tips for staying safe when banking online:
1. Use strong passwords: there are a few simple steps we can follow when choosing a password.
2. Always ensure when transacting online that the URL starts HTTPS rather than HTTP, or has the gold padlock icon.
3. Treat all unsolicited emails with caution.
4. Keep contact details up to date.
5. Get up to date security software.
6. Apply security updates.
7. Change your password immediately if you think it's been hijacked.