9th October 2018

World's first shared trading platform available for public beta test

The world's first shared trading platform, Exchain, has rolled out its public beta test. Exchain aims to build a transparent, open and mutually beneficial trading platform that is co-owned, shared and governed by the public and features shared benefits, monitoring and transaction transparency.

In order to better create a shared trading platform, Exchain comes with several features: the transaction is a form of investment in the platform; no transaction fees for the first three months; availability of partner programmes; and the ability to issues ICOs that will never be subject to listing fees. These features set up a scenario whereby both the project developer and the users of the exchange can participate in co-ownership, sharing and co-governance.

Exchain adopted the "transaction is a form of investment" model, in which users can, through trading, obtain the platform token, ET, and become a shareholder in Exchain, as well as share in the benefits and interests of Exchain. Exchain has also launched trading with no transaction fees for the first three months.