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2nd September 2011

RBS banking customer complaints INCREASE 40%

Royal Bank of Scotland Group complaints on banking services increased 40% comparing first half of this year against the first half of 2010. This increase excludes PPI and other non-banking issues.

It is not surprising if you have not seen Royal Bank of Scotland customer complaints figures as the bank did not press release the figures and their web page on progress with the customer charter makes no mention of the complaints trend and has no links to the figures. When you do find the complaints page, the web page is specially designed not to reveal 2011 and 2010 figures at the same time, putting them on different tabs with only one revealed at any time and not providing any overall group figures in order to discourage comparison. There are no references to complaint trends made. If the bank is not open with the information it is unlikely to create an internal culture that will be good at correcting that matter, although Brian Hartzer, head of retail banking told one newspaper that "we are determined to fix the root cause of the problem".

New Complaints January-June 2011 2010 Increase
RBS (branded) 33,360 24,100 38%
National Westminster 96,205 67,638 42%
Ulster 1,491 1,688 -12%
Coutts 778 590 32%
Total 131,834 94,016 40