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30th September 2011

Fusion-io speeds up Deutsche credit risk calculation

Deutsche Bank has deployed ioMemory technology to reduce latency and increase performance by up to 60 percent in its Credit Risk Calculation and Information System (dbArtos). Marcus Prätzas, Deutsche Bank AG Director said that after extensive evaluation of a variety of technologies.

"The Deutsche Bank credit risk portfolio uses SAS business analytics software for credit risk calculation and information system evaluations, and we recently updated our infrastructure to meet new and additional requirements for these risk evaluations," said Dr. Prätzas. "The infrastructure design update was focused on low latency technologies, and now, Fusion ioMemory is an important part of the Deutsche Bank calculation engine architecture. With Fusion-io, we reduced operating costs and achieved considerable performance improvements up to 60 percent without any changes to the application."

Fusion-io integrates flash as a new tier of non-volatile memory, rather than attempting to integrate flash through legacy disk-based storage protocols. This architecture enables ioMemory to deliver a dramatic latency advantage driven by fewer context switches and a parallel construct, which eliminates bottlenecks. Deutsche Bank also found Fusion-io delivered raw I/O increases that offered four times the performance of traditional hard disks and SSDs also evaluated by Deutsche Bank.

Deutsche Bank also observed a significant improvement in overall CPU utilization, which meant that the ioMemory reduced the amount of time the CPU waits for data to process. This led to a lower cost of ownership in comparison to its earlier system due to reduced power, cooling, management and infrastructure expenses.