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22nd November 2011

Google Wallet boost from Checkout

Google Checkout is to be swallowed by Google Wallet. The change gives significant opportunities for Google Wallet growth once it goes national and international and takes on other card issuers and mobile operators.

Google Checkout is the fast online checkout process whereby Google users who register a credit or debit card with them can quickly order items online from Google merchants without having to enter their credit card details and security information each time. The current Google Checkout users will find that they will be 'transitioned' into Google Wallet in the US and will therefore be reminded to take up the full facilities offered by Google Wallet each time they wish to pay using the Google fast method. Next year Google will be rolling out merchant branding changes. This will include Google Wallet logos instead of checkout ones for the merchants and, no doubt, Google wallet logos in the search results for each merchant currently accepting Google Checkout.