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13th January 2012

Visa prepaid gift cards dispensed via ATM

Visa Inc are carrying out a pilot with Better ATM services dispensing pre-paid Visa Gift cards through selected ATMs in the state of Arizona. The cards are manufactured using a thinner but durable material to allow dispersal via the ATMs and are available in $25 denominations.

Better ATM Services CEO Todd L. Nuttall said this is just the first step. "When ATMs were first introduced in the 1970s, consumers began a love affair with the very best in time and place convenient banking services and today we continue to expand those benefits through new innovations. We are working with ATM manufacturers, independent sales organizations, and financial institutions to make ATM-dispensed gift cards a common offering at ATMs throughout the country," said Nuttall.

"Our participation in this pilot with Better ATM Services and three Arizona credit unions is part of our ongoing commitment to supporting prepaid innovation and expanding access to Visa prepaid products; delivering value to our financial institution clients, consumers and merchants," said Hyung Choi, Head of US Prepaid, Visa Inc.