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24th February 2012

Google to offer real time UK stock prices

Google is to offer retail investors real time stock prices for stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange free of charge. Real time pricing has until now only been made available to customers of brokerages and subscription information services only. Generally available free services carry a delay of up to 15 minutes. The stock prices, like the current delayed prices, will be available at Google.com/finance .

The move is a UK catch-up for Google as it already provides real time share prices for Nasdaq, NYSE, and exchanges in China and India. The Google service is slightly different to the brokerage service as it does not display offer prices instead showing the last transaction price for stocks and is said to be slower to display changes. Whilst these differences are a problem for the professional investor they will probably be of less importance to the retail investor or the person wanting to check on the latest trend on a company stock.

The LSE has commented that the deal is not an exclusive one. One news source suggests that Google is to provide Borsa Italiana stocks (a LSE subsidiary) and Deutsche Börse stocks on a similar basis.