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4th May 2012

CHARGE Anywhere NFC card acceptance via BlackBerry

CHARGE Anywhere has released a unique form of card acceptance for smartphone - software that allows a merchant to accept contactless payment on any BlackBerry with NFC capability. The user tapping their card against the device to make a payment. The software works with both MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave. BlackBerry Curve and Bold models contain the necessary NFC technology.

The release did not make clear whether the card acceptance would stretch to NFC enabled mobile phones in addition. There would appear no reason it should not.

"We are proud to say that CHARGE Anywhere is the first Mobile Payment App provider to support NFC initiated credit and debit card payment acceptance on BlackBerry NFC enabled devices," said Paul Sabella, CEO of CHARGE Anywhere. "CHARGE Anywhere has a legacy of supporting mobile payments on BlackBerry devices dating back to the original RIM 950 two-way pager."