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22nd May 2013

Xuber keeps in the headlines

Xuber, Xchanging's insurance software business, relaunched with some style in London seven months ago. Insurance Newslink called in to catch up on developments with Adrian Morgan, head of Xuber. He is a long term insurance systems builder, having been with Rebus, which Xchanging bought in 2004.
Since the relaunch, it has been a busy time at Xuber.
The £20m injection is now clearly showing in activity. At the relaunch, Xuber indicated its ambition to become the leading global insurance software supplier.
With a track record going back to EPG 37 years ago, it has been providing solutions across commercial insurance, reinsurance, broking, and MGAs internationally. In recent years, Xuber had quietly gone about its business. The relaunch was not only to remind the insurance markets that it had 130 clients across forty countries and supplied 30% of the brokers in the London Market. It has considerably strengthened its management with senior hires and continues to do so. It has completed major upgrades and has begun to introduce a new range of modular systems to provide a flexible approach across all its market sectors. The emphasis is on a global, multi-currency approach, and to mix and match with other solutions and third party offerings. Xuber also works with implementation partners.
Last December, Xuber signed a 12 year contract with Marsh to provide its latest software through a SaaS(Software as a Service) model to more that 1,100 users around the world. The major Brokasure Enterprise upgrade was the result of over 20,000 man-hours of effort, with direct imput from the Brokasure User Group. In the same month, Q-Re, the reinsurance arm of Qatar Insurance Company, selected Xuber product Iris to underpin its international platform.
In January, Xuber Claims was released, the first of the next generation suite of commercial insurance products, and at ACORD/LOMA 2013 in Las Vegas earlier this month, Xuber Analytics was launched, developed in partnership with the Innovation Group. Xuber Analytics has been customised to integrate with the Xuber product set, and, in demonstration, is easy on the eye and straightforward-it can be used anywhere by business people and not just by specialist researchers and analysts.
It was a first-time visit to the ACORD/LOMA event, for which Xuber was a Diamond Co-Sponsor with Xchanging. It provided a boost to its US business which was relaunched last month with has a seasoned leader and larger team-it has over 20 clients. There was a high level of interest shown with some visitors to the Xuber stand spending a considerable time in discussion and demonstrations.
Xuber has over 200 product development staff in India and recruiting. Sales staff are being trained in Kuala Lumpar where the Group also has a major presence, so activity can be expected in Asia Pacific.
Further releases of the new generation software are due to be announced over the next few months. Insurance Newslink will be keeping a close watch on product and global developments.