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2nd November 2016

CII launches Strategic Manifesto 2021 Roadmap with emphasis on building public trust in insurance

The Chartered Insurance Institute(CII) yesterday launched its Strategic Manifesto from the top floor of the iconic Gherkin building in the City of London.
In opening the presentation and Q and A session, CII ceo, Sian Fisher, said "The Manifesto places public trust at the heart of all we do. It is central to our purpose-we are here to build public trust in insurance. It underpins our vision that, by working together as one insurance profession, we will drive confidence in the power of professional standards."
The Manifesto follows extensive consultation with members and a strategic review supported by PwC.
A panel of senior CII management were also involved in the wide-ranging Q and A session moderated by BBC One Panorama presenter, Adam Shaw.
In building public trust, the CII's part will be in providing insightful leadership, relevant learning, an engaged membership, and diversity. It is reviewing how its operations can be simplified, and highlights the stages of its strategic five-year journey as:
-Classroom to Boardroom-working with employers to ensure the profession is open, attractive, and rewarding to all
-Living Learning-ensuring learning is relevant and accessible
-Choose Chartered-a key awareness theme, to reflect professionalism and ethical conduct, both for individuals and firms
-A Great Big World-the CII has 125,000 members in 100 countries, and
-Future Horizons-to be in the vanguard of market, global, and IT trends, always addressing the future based on building public trust.
The challenge, working with others, is to build a proud profession around public trust and awareness, and to be recognised as a profession on a par with others such as accountants and lawyers.
Newslink will be keeping in touch with CII progress on the formidable, but essential, challenge ahead.

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