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15th January 2017

25 years of Insurance Newslink-50,000 linked articles. Keeping up with global insurance market and InsureTech trends in context-hindsight, insight, and foresight

When Newslink Global Trends Databases began online publication in 1993, the key objective was to select and link/index key strategic news across all the insurance markets. Insurance Newslink, the original service, was followed a few years later by Banking Newslink, and Financial Newslink, a combination of Banking and Insurance.
The services include frequent email updates and, uniquely, enable users to quickly and simply self-search professionally selected articles in the context of their own requirements-across country, company, research, results, regulatory, and IT applications by business function-with a report prepared automatically.
Over the years, it has become imperative to enable more management and staff to search speedily for related market intelligence. Newslink Global Trends Databases aim to augment, and link, with internal company data and information analytics at corporate and individual level.
More recently, the growth and diversity of InsurTech and FinTech ventures and investment by insurers, reinsurers, and banks, increases the need for global business and IT trends to be viewed together, as they become more closely entwined across the whole enterprise and beyond.
Much has been said, and continues to be heard about such topics as digital, disruption, big data, artificial and cognitive intelligence, blockchain, telematics, and social media. The real key to enable differentiation in the marketplace is to understand and implement these new technologies in the context of an increasingly competitive global business environment. After all, it’s not as if information technology has just been invented-what is new is its potentially wider spread through the internet, mobiles and the Cloud-a multi-channel customer interface, resulting eventually in the Holy Grail of a single customer view.
Newslink Global Trends Databases will continue to build on 25 years of selected and linked concise intelligence stories to enable financial services companies and IT suppliers to make quicker and better decisions in context in a forever-changing marketplace and information technology environment. Do not get hooked up on the flood of “new” technology terminology-the key is to understand what the technology can do in the context of the company's bottom line rather than to understand in detail how it works. In today’s and tomorrow’s insurance world, the role of business analyst is pivotal in understanding the global market and evaluating how best to harness the growing InsurTech wave.

Douglas Shillito FCII Chartered Insurance Practitioner
Founder, Editor, and Publisher
Insurance Newslink
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Financial Newslink

Managing Director
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