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11th November 2018

Novidea breaking the mould

Insurance Newslink dropped in recently to Novidea’s office in the City of London to be shown a demonstration of the company’s customer-centric platform which is in active and most effective use with significant clients. Ben Potts, manager UK, said that Novidea were targeting the top 5O brokers, but the distribution solution is equally appropriate for smaller brokers, MGA’s, speciality carriers, insurers, and bancassurers. The solution is at present servicing more than 12 million policies in 10 countries including the UK and US, with even a life application in Israel-significant progress for a company only nine years old.
The self-service portal is most impressive, providing comprehensive and slick customer management-Novidea calls it “Actionable Intelligence”, turning data into more revenue per customer and higher margins. Some key features are the timing of sessions and meetings at customer level, comparing costs against premiums and commissions ready for renewal negotiation, and automatic identification of sales opportunities for a specific size and type of customer.
There is no better proof of effectiveness than a client’s achievements through use of the modular cloud-based portal. Reviewing two years data at major user Howden Broking Group, improvements included painless user adoption, over 63% more policy sales, 40% increase in cross sales, and 30% more renewals. Data accuracy was also up by over 25%.
The portal demonstration has to be seen to be believed-simplicity itself but effective in bringing every aspect of customer management together. It is built around Salesforce CRM, and Salesforce Ventures are a Novidea investor.
Novidea are certainly a company to watch and Insurance Newslink will be keeping in touch with progress.

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